Mr Flower Delivery Man

I may not be the best gardener in the world It’s not all butterflies but I do love flowers. Especially cut flowers, sitting on my table, in a vase. They just light up the room.

Last year a florist van came into our little bit of street (there are only 3 houses) and I became so excited. EVEN THOUGH it was not my birthday, or anniversary, I was not sick and no one had died.

I still managed to fathom the notion of a beautiful bouquet arriving for me.

I ran around the room in a dizzy state. Picking vases. Imagining who? Skipping to and fro. Peeping out of the kitchen window. Carefully concealing myself.

Heart fluttering. Grinning. I waited.

But no bell rang. No door knocked.

Then the van reversed slowly out of the drive.

And left me: Lost.

Mr Flower Delivery Man have a heart. Think of all those disappointed women in the houses you don’t go to.

Couldn’t you just deliver from a plain white van?


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