3 countries I’d really like to visit

Following my commitment to The Daily Post, I have picked out yesterdays suggested topic, which asks which three countries you would most like to visit.

A very difficult choice for me, given that, to be honest, there are probably hundreds of places I would like to see.

For me, it feels a bit like the genie in the lamp scenario. Three wishes and only three wishes. When really, without greed, I want for more than three things. To start with, I have four children. If I used my three wishes on them, one would be missed out.

That’s not including making a wish for my husband, myself, or my friends.

And that’s without even starting on world peace. Or the end to starvation. Or the eradication of wasps.

Now, I feel like I’m standing in the middle of the best sweetie shop, in the world, and I am only allowed to pick three chocolates to taste. And they all look scrummy-yummy and truthfully, I could fill myself right up.

You see, all of my life I wished to visit the historical sites of Moscow, and for many years the Pyramids in Egypt, the beaches and towns of Mexico, the beautiful city of Rome, and the understated Polish Krakow.

But none of these fall into my final three. After some deliberation, I think I would have to choose:

  • Vietnam
  • China
  • Iceland

I posed the question to my husband, who had completely different ideas to me, he said Japan, Mexico and Egypt (so hopefully, we have more than three holidays left then ;-)).

What are your three ultimate destinations?


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