I haven’t quite…

Have you ever said
“There aren’t enough
Hours in the day”?
Do you ever wonder
Where those hours,
They do stray?

I notice:
No matter how hard I try
Those hours
Rush on by.

If I eat my breakfast
With a lovely friend,
There’s no time for shopping,
And washing.
And it drives me round the bend…

When the day is over
My tiredness is obscene
But still I have a moment
To observe
The things
I haven’t achieved:

There are spiders in the corner
The grass is far too long
And Oh My God
That bucket,
Really has a pong!

The eldest needs her shorts sewn
The youngest hasn’t had a bath
And those in the middle
Need new pyjamas
And some intensive help in maths.

The windows are a sticky mess
Truth be told:
The tabletops as-well
Although I cleaned them yesterday
At least fifteen times!
I dwell…

On the washing
That lies upon the floor
Soon there will be
No known way
To open up the door.

The shed requires
A lick of paint
Before wintertime descends
Mercy! Mercy!
These jobs
They have no end.

I have not played football
With my ten-year old son.
I have not practiced
For that French test
With the dyslexic one.
I have not organised the sleepover
I promised my firstborn.
I have not trimmed the growing hair
Of child number four.

And my poor husband
I promise him a date 😉
But end up falling fast asleep
Because it is too late.

I should go to the hairdressers
To fix my crazy hair
I ought clean out
The shelving
That lives
Under the stair.

I can’t remember
The last time
I have read a book
Other than
I wanted
A recipe
To cook.

I must upload those photos
And send them to my friend
Her wedding day
A more and more distant

Some days
I think
There has been
A great mistake.
Has taken
The hour hand
And out of it
A minute hand
Did make.


4 thoughts on “I haven’t quite…”

  1. I was just looking all the things I need to get done and have that same feeling you have…it must be some form of conspiracy that removal of the hour hands.

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