Ten favourite moments of autumn

So, today is apparently the last ‘nice’ day of the year. I have no idea if this is true or not. I guess no-one does. Given the absolute reliability of weather forecasts. But being late September, I am going along with the notion that, it’s at least a possibility that today is the last ‘nice’ day of the year and I am doing my level best to make the most of that nice weather.

That means, I am sitting outside in blazing sunshine, amongst the flies and the wasps, the lawnmowers and the heat, to bring you this article.

When Southern Germans say the last of the ‘good’ weather, what they really mean is the last of the heat. Right now it’s 25 degrees in the shade. The forecast of ‘bad’ weather, describes the onslaught of cold we’re allegedly due. Personally, I’ve experienced lows of -18 here.

I didn’t like it.

Not at all.

-10 is about as low as I can stomach and after that I’m no good to man, child or beast.

I’m just a frozen, shivering mess.

And the warmth will not return before March, perhaps even April. We face a long stint ahead.

So, having been repeatedly informed of the news (even by the milkman). I have decided to do something positive and think of all the things I like best about this time of year. Actually, autumn is my favourite season.

So here goes, my ten favourite moments of autumn:

  1. The colour change of the leaves on the trees. And them falling to the ground, then being able to kick through them as I walk.
  2. The smells. Whether it be roast dinners, jacket potatoes, soup or mulled wine. Those warming foods are comforting and I love them all. But also the air is filled with that autumn smell, you know the one I mean?
  3. Christmas shopping. Starting to prepare for Christmas and spotting those special gifts. The ones that don’t cause stress by having to run around for them at the last-minute. The ones that aren’t just grabbed from the shelf in desperation. But the ones I had time to really think about and am proud to place in front of the receiver.
  4. The Christmas Market.With it’s yummy food. Delicious mulled wine. Creative gifts. Crowds. Animals and colourful characters.
  5. The demise of all flies and wasps.
  6. The first fall of snow. It’s white blanket of perfection. Then running through making tracks.
  7. Looking outside to the cold, but being warm and snug by the fire, or with a mug of something warm in my hand.
  8. My husband coming home a little earlier. When he stops cycling, he must use public transport and tends to take the bus around 7pm.
  9. The clothes. I am a total hippy at heart. I love full-length swishy skirts and scarves,  snuggley pullovers and long coats.
  10. Bonfire night. Though of course, it doesn’t exist here. But I do love fireworks and the smell of the fire.

Which is your favourite season? Are you an autumn person like me? What are your favourite moments?


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