Good Morning All

It’s ridiculous! School went back only one week and four days ago, and it already took me a whole 30 minutes to arise out of my bed this morning.

Which of course, put a strain on being on time.

But worse still, it would appear my children really do have my DNA. Not only did my alarm beep every four minutes. But shrill beeps screeched out from every corner of the house, for a good half an hour.

No wonder we are exhausted. Apparently our ‘top up sleep’ is interrupted every minute or so!

So, in my six years of living in Germany, I can absolutely confirm: I am definitely not a morning person.

And especially not a 6:20 in the morning person.

Which brings me to the point that 7:45 is an absurd time for school to begin.

Especially for teenagers.

And for mothers.

But once we mothers, are up at this unreasonable hour, we face the dilemma of what is reasonable to actually do, at such an early time.

  • We can go shopping. Not at the shops – most don’t open before 9am or 9.30, some even open at 10:00. But at the supermarket. I did that yesterday. Only to discover, that although nice and quiet (where were the other mums?), the shelves hadn’t been restocked. So, my fresh wares weren’t so fresh after all… The other mums have obviously cottoned on to that fact.
  • If you live in a house, you can probably put the washing on. Not if you live in a flat. Unsociable hours. But you can’t hang it out. It’s too damn cold. At 7:30 it’s probably around 4°C and who knows what the weather will be like later on. A late September afternoon could see blazing sunshine and 25°C, or, we could face torrential rain and a mere 12°.
  • We could go to the doctors and spend a good hour in the waiting room. Even though we took the first appointment at 8:00am. And put ourselves in an annoyed mood for the rest of the day.
  • We could vacuum. If we don’t live in a flat.
  • We could go to breakfast with a friend. But not before 9:30. They need time to prepare.
  • Simultaneously we shouldn’t call anyone. It feels impolite. What if they have gone back to bed or worse still, they’re not even up yet?
  • Back to bed. Now there’s a thought. I heard a woman on the radio yesterday who had done just that. The station had to call her three times to raise her. Then they had the pleasure to inform her she had won, wait for it, 10,000 Euros! 10,000!  I believe, myself, she should have forfeited. After all it took three calls to raise her. And then she had the cheek to brag about it all over the airwaves. I on the other hand was up. And to take the 10,000 Euros? The pleasure would have been all mine.

I think this morning I shall fulfill another age-old German tradition and bake a cake. Perhaps, even the apple cake I intended to bake on Monday. Which failed miserably on discovering someone had swiped the remaining apples. (Truth be told, the whole fruit bowl lay bare).


6 thoughts on “Good Morning All”

  1. and a Good Morning to you too! (from work….. where I’ve been since 7:30am…. It’s amazing how early you can get out of the house when the 2 yr old is staying overnight at Granny’s.

    1. We have no such Granny. Can I adopt her? Do you think she’d take four?

      It’s a good point, I’m normally knackered by the time I have got all of the kids out of the house. All I can think of normally is the next coffee to deliver me through the day.

      Or even coffee and cake.

      And if there’s no cake then it has to be a twix.

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