Faye – My Forever Friend

Dear Faye –
I am writing this
For you to see
How rare and special
You are to me.

Dear Faye –
I just want
You to know
The way you are?
I love you so.

Dear Faye –
A friend like you
I have not earned
And I am proud to say
That you picked me.

Dear Faye –
I still remember the day we met.
Do you know
It was twenty-five
Whole years ago?

Dear Faye –
How we laughed
And joked,
Through history lessons
We always spoke.

You taught me of concerts
And guys with long hair.
You were different –
There was always something there.

You wrote out the lyrics
Of that Twisted Sister song
“I believe in you.”
It is one of the nicest things
Anyone has done.

We left school
And went our separate ways,
But a couple of years later
We met, once again.

We both of us had married,
And just coincidentally
Had given birth to daughters,
Aged exactly a month apart.
Who’d have thought?

Dear Faye –
Since then you’ve been my rock,
My cushion,
My light,
My soul.

You know every secret
That I ever could have told.
In you I have a friend
Who is true –
Someone really to behold.

I remember when I moved house
You came and helped me clean,
When I left my man
No doubt your telephone bills were obscene,
When I had no money
You arrived with bags of food,
I found love again
And you loved him too!

We married
You stood by my side
Tears running down your face
Happiness, unable to hide.

Whatever I have been through
You always understand
Now even –
After six years of me living in a foreign land.

Dear Faye –
I am a very lucky person.
I have lots of wonderful friends.
But I want you to be aware,
I am honoured to be considered –
The friend of you.


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