Part 2 – Anger

Times up
I’ve had enough
The wait is long
Far too long to stay
In the huff.

It struck me at some point today
That I have played right into your hands
You have all the cards, tight to your chest
And I am left
And distressed.

No more
I say
All loud and clear
You will not have the power
Any more
Mother, dear.

I am not alone
I am not afraid
I stand quite strong
And feel the pain.

I am not a child
I will not be pushed
I will stand all brave
Never to be crushed
By you

Decision time
Has arrived
At last
I’m taking control
Yes, I’m taking it back!

No longer will I sit by the phone
Waiting for that call to come
To apologise for all the destruction
You cause with your life.

You may all leave
All go out the door
But you know what?
Where you were,
There’s more.
I have children see
They love me dear
Because I know
How a mother should not just appear.
But be.

Everything, everything
Is finished
Between you and me.

The anger that has filled me in my breast
Will come out now and do it’s best
It will make me strong
And guide me through
The punishment
You’d have me ensue

I am not bad
I am not evil
I am not your reason to always be sad.
I am not your incarnation of the devil.

I’m sorry that you will never see
The pain and anguish you’ve caused in me
I’m sorry that you’ll never know
The scars and wounds that you have sown
I’m sorry that you happen to be
The mum of me.

I hope that you will be able to let go
And have a happy life
With your family
You know,
The ones you turned against me.
But I doubt
That one so bitter
And warped
Can ever be
Truly happy.
Unlike me.

I see beauty everywhere
You see boredom
I hear laughter
You hear emptiness
I taste wonder
You taste bitterness
I feel love
You feel anger.

Decision time
I have to let you go
Let you be you and me be me.



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