Animal instincts

Drum ThrowerToday’s Fantastic Plan entailed a trip to the zoo, followed by a BBQ on our return home.

First problem encountered: two keen children; two not so keen.

Then, there’s the issue of time. A three-hour round trip, suggests it is preferable to set off not too late. But of course we do, each of the children getting ready, ‘in their own time’.

We greet our destination, and find not one single parking space, naturally. But soon enough we all trot towards the enclosures, expectantly.

We are not disappointed. Nosey, graceful, adorable sea-lions. Drum throwing elephants. Monkeys slapping each other. Watchful meerkats. Snoozing brown bears (Akasha required confirmation that they were not dead). Ants feeding on fallen droplets of ice-cream.

Back at home, eating together our charred sausages, we discussed our outing. Evidently, I had missed some ‘bits’. Apparently, the girls had found themselves with a good view of the monkeys ‘stiffies’. Much hilarity.

The biology lesson continued with the lions. Fully engrossed in their mating ritual on our approach. I had only witnessed the dismount, subsequent ‘on the back jiggle’ of the lioness, followed by her flop onto her side, into immediate slumber.

Gave me a new visual image to the term, ‘shagged out’.

If you’re unsure how to approach the subject of sex with your children, one opportunity would seemingly be a visit to the zoo.

Amidst the discussion, the following question arose: which animal did you like best?

Three year old answer: the lemur!

OK. We didn’t see any lemurs. Except for one on a poster. Does that mean she liked the poster best? Should we have remained at home and looked at a picture book?

Fifteen year old girls answer: the cute boy!!

Oh my!


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