Part 1

No card
No telephone
No ring
No moan,
No one to think of me
I am all alone
Abandoned in the world
To decipher my own fate,
No wise words to guide me,
You will not hold my hand
I know for sure
Me, you do not understand.

I am torn:
I am hurting
That cannot go away
Even though you have decided not to stay.
But occasionally glad.
The lull before the storm?
I cannot say.

You asked me to tell you and I did
What’s wrong with that?

I tried:
I ignored
I accepted
I swallowed hard
I felt anger
And pain
But I said nothing
Until you asked,
I let you be,
I allowed you,
Well it is wrong
You have to see,
But you cannot
For you are you
And I am me.

I’m sure you’re sad
But whose it for?
Is it real?
Or for the onlookers, all?
For the attention?
For the status
Of a victim
Once more…


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