I ask you if you want today
A second healthy
“No!” you say
I’m shocked,
Is that really my son I heard?
Are you sick?
Is something wrong?
You turned down food?
And a favourite one!

“Why not?”
I ask, full of endeavour
To seek an answer
On your displeasure.
But what comes next
I could not have guessed,
Had I a month of guesses to invest:

“I’m trying to be annoying!”
“I think I’ve been too good the last few days!”
You see a chance to mend your ways….

And here I have a lot of points
To tell to you,
So you’ll understand
What annoying is
My good man.

The other day you calmly said:
“No homework mum, my maths is done!
I finished it in school today
I can now go safely out to play.”
On careful inspection
I did discover
Each sum written out
And nothing other.
Not one single addition
Had been completed,
Stay seated!
Answers Please.
Where is your pen?
Oh God, you’ve gone and lost it again!

You take your bike out of the shed
But leave the helmet off your head
You left the house with it attached
Your safety and my nerves intact,
But then you fling it on the ground
While you cycle all around.

You have a bath
And soak the room
All over your clothes are strewn,
The walls are wet
The floor is swamped
And my nice bubble bath is gone.
You leave the bathroom all de-stressed,
While I am left to clean up the mess.

I send you to bed
And say, “Lights out!”
Then half an hour later,
While tidying up
I find you looking
At a ‘good’ book.
You’re not in pyjamas,
Your teeth are unbrushed,
I have to stand over you
‘Til you do what you must.

So, you see my son,
It’s plainly clear
You know how to set me a challenge
My dear.
Not eating strawberries
Is not annoying,
Because you see
My little one
Even more strawberries are left for me!


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