Ms Requirement

Ms Requirement needs today
A big fat lunch
A sofa lay.
Ms Requirement will her homework do
Once she has kicked off her remaining shoe,
Where it will land
Nobody knows
It doesn’t matter
She needs no clothes,
She plans to flop in a nice cold bath
Out of the heat
Do you fancy that?

Ms Requirement is home from school
Forgot her house keys
As is the rule.
But Mama is here
And will come open the door
Ms Requirement needs know no more.

Ms Requirement is kind and good
But says sometimes more than one possibly should.

Ms Requirement has disappeared
Off with a book
Her poor mother fears,
Alone again to make the lunch
Which Ms Requirement will happily crunch.

Ms Requirement, when she’s off to bed
Should really sleep
But will chat instead!
Then in the morning when school is on
May well sleep in
And need a lift from Mum.

Ms Requirement could forget her head
She’d loose it in someone else’s shed.
All she’d say is
“Oops, what have I done?
I’ll have to call my dear old Mum!”


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