Hot, hot, hot, six years today

I am, to be honest in awe of you
Of everything you say and do.
Six years of marriage
And I love you more
Than I ever thought to be possible.

I know this is public
That every one can see,
But the rest of your present dear,
is just between you and me. 😉
You saw it this morning
You’ll see it tonight
I just hope your sore muscles can deal with your plight!

Eight years we have been together
Six years since we said our forevers.

Through all of these years you have been there for me
And I want to shout out my gratefulness, for your generosity:

Thanks for not exploding with the night-time clicking.
Thanks for always listening –
Even when I’m whingeing.
Thanks for holding me when I’m sad
Thanks for rejoicing with me when I’m glad.
Ta for dealing with the doctors a-many
The hospitals, the waiting rooms, the dread
You’ve truly supported me. It must be said!

Thanks for trusting me.
Thanks for your belief.
Thanks for being honest
And fair and strong
And there
Every day
All day long.

Thank you for your patience, my sweet
Thank you for your bedroom expertise 😉
Thank you for your laughter
Free and deep.
But most of all
Thank you, dear husband, for marrying me!


8 thoughts on “Hot, hot, hot, six years today”

  1. Congratulations on

    – your loving husband
    – your happy marriage
    – your sixth anniversary
    – and this lovely poem!

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