Facebook rant

Yesterday, I had a proposition from a new ‘friend’ on facebook. The person, he, is a complete stranger to me. It’s not just that I have forgotten him. It’s that I have never known him at all. If I’m honest, and I had only received a friend request from him, then I could not have been entirely sure, given the state of my memory.

However, his accompanying message gave him away: “ur cute xx”. What’s that? Does he really expect me to become his ‘friend’ with that attempt? Does the word ‘married’ I had appropriately clicked onto my profile, mean nothing to him? Does the fact that I opted out of looking for ‘men’ need to be ignored? And, does he think, I look so desperate, that I don’t even warrant the full spelling of “you’re”?

I did think of a couple of cheeky replies like: my four kids are wonderfully cute too xxxx, or, sadly, I like my men with hair… But in the end, I just informed facebook that I don’t know him. He’s not my friend.

What do they do with that piece of information anyway? Do they put him on a special register? The ‘requests friendship of strangers’ register? Do they kick him out if he reaches a specific number of entries?

I’ve nothing against harmless flirting. I partake myself on the odd occasion ;-).  But, that was just a cheap shot. If I weren’t happily married, then I’d want to be wooed.

No doubt the male in question is single. And will stay that way for a very long time.


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