13 reasons to be cheerful

  1. The children ate the lumpy pancakes and did not complain.
  2. Although Aden lost his jeans at school today (raining and very cold), and left the building in front of all the other parents in ripped shorts, he had managed to accessorize: firstly, removing his nice warm pullover, then replacing it with a scruffy homely t-shirt.
  3. Furthermore: on discussion with the startled headmaster over the lost jeans, Aden saw fit to announce his lack of upper body wear, promoting – as suggested by Mr Headmaster – my ‘unfit mother’ badge. I managed to redeem myself, asking him the whereabouts of the jumper I’d ensured he’d left home with this morning. He informed the two of us that he’d placed it in his sports bag, because, “a pullover and shorts don’t match.”
  4. Three hours after the cleaner has finished it’s still possible to see remnants of where she had cleaned.
  5. Joni had time to celebrate starting her homework, by taking a nice long break.
  6. The rain makes me feel like I’m at home, in Scotland.
  7. The fact that I am losing my memory means that I have forgotten what I seem to have lost.
  8. The new school music book will only cost 10 Euros.
  9. I have managed not to reverse into the neighbours bucket for over a month (hence I haven’t had the stress of requiring to jump out of the car with spy like efficiency and restore it to it’s original position without detection).
  10. Being naive makes my life full of interesting surprises.
  11. Stopping just short of the parking ticket dispenser ensures my weekly stretches.
  12. Losing my keys, shoes and mobile phone determines that I always have a daily workout and don’t need to pay for a gym.
  13. This week I have gained much knowledge including: street chalk wipes easily off laminate flooring without leaving a stain, however, red hairspray does indeed tend to tint the blond scalp, even after excessive washing; pineapple stems stink when ‘someone’ burns them; young boys (not just mine) become very excited about ice cubes.

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