I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all the lovely comments I’ve received by email, phone and text. You have given me the drive to continue with my quest and confidence in my ability.

I’m glad that most of you were able to laugh with me, I have had much fun giggling myself.

With regards to the ‘I am the only one at home’, Aden was forced into the position of co-editor on that piece. By the end his poor head was done in, as I read it out loud to him over and over again. Making corrections. But I did notice that he perked up every time I read out “Run like hell!”, that he started laughing and becoming excited, even though he knew what’s coming, from the previous two thousand readthroughs. So I continued with my child labour and rewarded him with playing on the computer. Dear Aden, I thank you now publicly, for putting up with your old mum.

To answer a few points made so far:

  • To subscribe: there’s a sign me up box at the very bottom of the page, just click there
  • To rate: you have to click on the title of the story itself and then you can decide how many stars based on the quality of what you have just read
  • If you are not confident commenting in English, German is fine for me

Thanks again all of you, for your support. Loads more to come, I assure you ;-).


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