Grey, grey, silver, grey….

My parents have returned to visit and a couple of days ago we took a train expedition together with all of the kids. Which reminded me of an embarrassing moment.

Around five years ago we took the same train journey. As it’s around a three-hour round trip, and as several kids were present, a huge picnic served as an asset. But once all the food was all eaten, we were forced to turn our attention to playing games. Inevitably leading to the well-used favourite, I Spy.

It started off well. I spy something black… That handbag… Yes… Good… Something brown? Mummy’s shoes? Yes. Good! Well done!

Then Joni had another turn.

Something grey? Nana’s trousers? No… The metal part on the chair? No… The bit on the window frame? No… Really, we have two colours here grey and silver, as in this game both are classed as the same. The buckle on the bag? No… The buckle on my belt? No… No, I don’t give up! Mmm…. I know, is it that screw over there? No… We search through and ask on. Could she be colour blind? Are you sure it’s grey? Yes… She’s looking pleased with herself. You’re never gonna get it!!! Mmm… Is it the tiny grey specks on the wall? NO!!! Ok, Ok, we all agree, you’ve beat us. We give up. What is it?

Loud and proud, with pointed finger: ” That woman’s grey moustache!!!”


2 thoughts on “Grey, grey, silver, grey….”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    thank you for your e-mail with much help from John I’ve got there sorry to have taken so long I hope to improve did your visitors reach home before the the volcano went up? Susan got stuck in Paris and Lucy got stuck in Warsaw both are now home after a few adventures through Europe. Hope you are all well.
    love Vivienne x

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