Dinosaur or not….

Ok so now I really feel like a dinosaur. What am I to do here? Am I even typing in the correct box? Perhaps I should feel proud that I’m able to type anything at all, considering how confused I feel at the moment. I guess I should look for some kind of tutorial. There seem to be so many things to click on!
Apart from confused, I feel kind of excited. Contact with the outside world. Therapy. A focus. Hello world!


4 thoughts on “Dinosaur or not….”

  1. Hi Grant here. Good luck with this cant wait to read about all the sex, drugs and rock n roll !!!

  2. Hullo my friend. In need of therapy are we? This is a good idea for you then – it’s good to talk after all – but do try to keep the drivel to a minimum. Looking forward to all the fun and games.

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