101 Film Challenge

The films I’ve watched so far:

  1. Burke and Hare (odd)
  2. Tangled (I had a wee tear in my eye at the end, the rest of the family just laughed at me)
  3. Rocky IV (now I know why I didn’t watch this film before. Sorry Rei)
  4. Freakonomics (interesting)
  5. Little Fockers (a laugh here and there)
  6. Tron: Legacy (incoherent story but good effects, and the children liked it)
  7. London Boulevard (I have to admit, I liked it)
  8. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (children loved it)
  9. Serendipity (chick flick)
  10. The Kid (worth watching, but hard to watch)
  11. Penelope (I should probably have watched this with the girls)
  12. The Tourist (I couldn’t not like it, I mean, it’s Johnny Depp)
  13. Salt (great action scenes)
  14. Unstoppable (OK)
  15. The Next Three Days (very good)
  16. Amélie (loved it)
  17. Paul (Funny)
  18. Johnny English (funny)
  19. True Grit (thumbs up for that one)
  20. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (More Johnny :-D)
  21. Igor (no, no, don’t watch it, TERRIBLE)
  22. Treasure of Silver Lake (old German western)
  23. Winnetou 1 (as above)
  24. Bridesmaids (hilarious)
  25. Rio (great with the kids)
  26. Horrible Bosses (one to watch)
  27. Green Lantern (boooo, rubbish)
  28. Ödipussy (odd)
  29. King of Comedy (An old somewhat freaky film)
  30. Salvation Boulevard (Light entertainment)
  31. Everything Must Go (Hmmm…)
  32. Bad Teacher (Brilliant)
  33. ¡Three Amigos! (One from my hubby’s childhood)
  34. Kung Fu Panda 2 (Funny)
  35. Our Idiot Brother (Funny)
  36. Friends with Benefits (Obvious but funny)
  37. Mr Popper’s Penguins
  38. Into the Wild (Parents can really screw you up)
  39. Rumour Has It (I liked it)
  40. The Hangover 2 (repeat of the first Hangover)
  41. The Debt (brilliant, of course, with the wonderful Helen Mirren)
  42. Under the Tuscan Sun (OK chick flick)
  43. Hanna (we keep watching odd films?!? This is definitely one of them, but it kept me)
  44. Just Go with It (I went with it)
  45. The guard (good)
  46. 30 minutes or less (funny)
  47. The ides of March (good)
  48. X men first class (I liked it, but my husband not so much)
  49. We Bought a Zoo (sob-a-thon though only for me. Again. No one else cried. At all.)
  50. Johnny English Reborn (Hmmm)
  51. Transporter 3
  52. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
  53. Mama Mia (Oh dear)
  54. Safe House (good action)
  55. The Sapphires (I liked it)
  56. Skyfall (good)
  57. Keeping Mum  (love a bit of Rowan)
  58. Columbiana  (liked it)
  59. Life of Pi (wish I’d watched it in 3d)
  60. The Bourne Legacy 🙂
  61. Mr Stink (Sheridan Smith is a star)
  62. This is 40 (Hubby got this because I just turned 40, I wouldn’t watch it again)
  63. Haywire (sometimes I think I am thick when I’m watching a film, I don’t get it, this film did nothing at all for me, OK it did put me to sleep on the sofa as it was drawing to it’s conclusion, not really what an action film should be doing)
  64. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier,  Spy (not one f my favourites)
  65. Tower Heist
  66. Smashed
  67. Taken 2 (a bit predictable after the first one)
  68. 2 Guns (good)
  69. Argo (really good)
  70. Captain America (kids loved it)
  71. Jack the Giant Slayer (much better than I expected)
  72. Beast of the Southern Wild (eye opener)
  73. Iron Man 3
  74. Man of Steel (liked it)
  75. The Avengers 🙂
  76. Robot and Frank
  77. The Brass Teapot (different in a good way)
  78. The Hobbit (can’t wait for the next instalment)
  79. The Dictator (a bit too much)
  80. We’re the Millers (one of Joni’s absolute favourites)
  81. What Maisie Knew (brilliant)
  82. The Internship (an advert for Google)
  83. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  84. The East (really good)
  85. Silver Linings Playbook (great)
  86. Parker
  87. Inception (brilliant, brilliant and did I say brilliant?)
  88. I Give it a Year (really funny, Stephen Merchant is hilarious)
  89. Hugo
  90. Killing Them Softly
  91. Get the Gringo
  92. Anna Karenina (love this film)
  93. Cemetery Junction
  94. Clear History
  95. Olympus Has Fallen
  96. Promised Land (good)
  97. Redemption (good)
  98. The Call (good film)
  99. The Details (funny)
  100. Prisoners (i looked away quite a lot)
  101. The World’s End

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